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Celebrities With Acne Prone Skin - Only Human!

On the red carpet, all celebs exude perfection: their smooth porcelain skin makes us wonder. How do they manage to achieve such flawless skin? In fact, celebrities are no different than ordinary people and their outer appearance is often left wanting.

To those of us who have suffered from adult acne, seeing celebrities with problem skin is weirdly comforting. Makeup artists try to hide the blemishes under thick layers of primer, concealer, foundation and powder, after which everything gets even worse! Some stars, for years, cannot get breakouts and redness under control, despite desperate visits to cosmetologists.

Cameron Diaz flawless skin - no acne Cameron Diaz acne prone skin
Cameron Diaz struggles with problem skin all her life: the times of pimples caused by youthful hormones are long gone, but the acne has yet to run its course. Cured only through concealment by a foundation, Ms. Diaz is sure to always wear a thick layer.

Britney Spears flawless skin - no acne Britney Spears acne prone skin
At glamorous, Hollywood events, Britney Spears' skin seems flawless, but in reality this is far from the truth: redness, pimples, rashes – the singer knows all of these problems too well, first hand.   

Keira Knightly flawless skin - no acne Keira Knightly acne prone skin

Keira Knightley have you fooled thinking her skin is smooth and porcelain? Far from it! Keira is grateful to her make-up artists for their excellent work and ability to hide acne. 

Maria Sharapova flawless skin - no acne Maria Sharapova acne prone skin

Tennis beauty Maria Sharapova also cannot boast of perfect skin: she has enlarged pores and acne. Sometimes visible even in photos where Maria is made-up.

Alisha Keys flawless skin - no acne Alisha Keys acne prone skin
Alisha Keys is only too human: her skin texture is less than flawless and covered with small pimples. Her glam squad may try to hide the blemishes by corrective means, but make-up does not last forever - a couple of hours at best, and the unevenness is again visible.

Katy Perry flawless skin Katy Perry acne prone skin
Katy Perry is one of many celebrities with major skin problems. For many years she has battled with breakouts but nothing seems to be working.

Megan Fox flawless skin - no acne Megan Fox acne prone skin

Megan Fox is famous for her china-doll skin – the appearance of which she owes to her makeup artist. In fact, Megan also has her secrets – imperfections galore and a professional MUA to help her cover them.

Miliy Cyrus flawless skin Miley Cyrus acne prone skin

Miley Cyrus may still be experiencing “youthful” acne. You know, the kind you get when you’re a teen and young adult. Otherwise it may simply be a result of a few days’ partying.

Lord flawless skin - no acne Lord acne prone skin
Singer Lord has always suffered from skin problems, and while being in the spotlight, there is a constant need to layer more makeup to conceal the spots. Luckily us, non-celebs, we can take a break from makeup once in a while! 

Rihanna perfect skin - no acne Rihanna acne prone skin

Queen Ri-Ri is still beautiful and confident despite not being able to boast of perfect skin: heavy make-up only exacerbates the situation, and under the layer of "plaster" are still small, visible pimples. Thank you, Rihanna, for being human. 


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