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Our Story

Our story began when founder Nina Wolf discovered a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that changed her life and cleared up her skin after years of adult acne. After significant research and valuable feedback, Nina was excited to share her discovery with the world. She decided to create a skin clarifying supplement packed into one easy-to-take capsule. With quality a priority, she partnered with a leading manufacturer specializing in the production of supplements for naturopathic medical providers. Thus, Skinphoria was born.

Health Kandy supplements are produced in a world-class facility that largely exceeds cGMP and nutraceutical industry standards to produce a superior quality product. Only the most potent and pure ingredients are used. They are tested under a hazard analysis program designed by the National Sanitation Foundation and a U.S. Pharmacopeia raw material identification method relying on near-infrared spectroscopy. Other supplement companies rarely use ingredients tested with these enhanced additional methods.

This means that when our customers take Skinphoria supplements they are using some of the safest and highest quality products on the market. However, if a customer is not satisfied, we will gladly refund 100% of the purchase price within 90 days.